Measuring multiple items at once


Drawing shapes (Takeoff) for multiple line items at once saves a great amount of time. Instead of having to draw the same shape over and over again for individual items such as the concrete slab, external timber walls or the external brickwork, you can select all of these items at once and draw one shape with various Results Types.

To measure multiple items

1. Insert and Scale the Plan you want to do take off on.

2. Add New Items in the Estimate pane.

3. Make sure to set Result Types as needed for all the items to be measured.

4. Holding the CTRL key, click on all the individual estimate items you wish to take off at once.

Note: If you have more than one item next to each other, then you can select them by holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard, and first click the top item and then click the bottom item in the group you wish to select.
5. When you have all the items selected, draw your shapes/takeoff on the plan.

Fig1. Takeoff Multiple Items

When you have completed the Shape, each item you had selected will now have a Quantity value. A Shape will be created with the various result type.

Fig2. Measured Quantity

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  • this topic of "taking off multiple items at one time" is a biggy for me because I can understand how it would save a lot of time. the bit i'm having trouble getting my head around is that this could apply to many many items in the estimate but finding all those items & holding down the ctrl key for those amount of itmes would be difficult ???

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  • What about adding already measured shapes to new items? For example: I measure a wall for GIB. Later I realise that the same measurement could be applied to another item, for example painting this wall. How do I add an already measured shape to it, without having to re-measure it?

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  • Hi Barry! You can drag and drop the shape heading, from the Shapes pane to your new Estimate Sheet item and it will re-use the drawn shape for you.
    The following article may also be most helpful for you:

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